President's Message

Happy Spring!

I can imagine that everyone has been anxious for spring to arrive. Winter in the Midwest is one thing to endure but COVID-19 and all its restrictions on top of that becomes almost unbearable. It is hard to believe that just over a year ago I was in Austin, TX attending an ICMA Board of Regents meeting – oblivious to what we were all about to face. That was my last in-person IMA event in over a year.

Hope is now on the way with the vaccine as we all scramble to book that appointment (some sooner than others). We can now envision the near future as something closer to what we had been used to. I sure miss being at IMA’s Annual Conference and our chapter/council events. I am hoping that the word “virtual” becomes a distant memory.

As our chapter/council year is in its final quarter, I would like to bring a few items to your attention.

April 23 – Hopefully this is the Mid-America Council’s last “virtual” Spring Educational Conference. Three great sessions are available. Select as many as you are able. This is a free event. This will be the MAC’s last event of the year. Check the website for more details.

April 26 – MAC virtual board meeting. Join us to see what the Council is up to. More details on the website.

June 14-16 – This will be IMA’s first (and hopefully last) virtual Annual Conference. More than 50 live and on-demand sessions to choose from. The cost is a very low $195 if you register by April 30. This is a real bargain for improving your skills and knowledge.

Chapter/Student Grants – In early February, the MAC announced a change in our grant programs. Applications for a grant will now be accepted throughout the year with a limit of one grant application per year (July 1 to June 30). An award determination will be made within 30 days of receipt. The applications can be found on the MAC’s website under About Council and Students. Please take advantage of these programs as you begin planning for the next chapter year.

Fall Education Conference – Planning is underway for the MAC’s Fall Educational Conference. If you have any ideas for a great topic or speaker, please pass that on to a board member. More details about this conference will be coming this summer.

Yes, it has been a challenging year! Thank you for your service during this difficult year. Let us look forward to more normal times as we begin planning for a new year. As usual, the Mid-America Council is here to serve you. Your comments and questions are always welcome.

Have a great spring!

David Skora
Bruce Hamilton
Co-Presidents of the IMA Mid-America Council