2021 Virtual Spring Educational Conference

When:  Apr 23, 2021 from 09:00 AM to 12:15 PM (CT)
Associated with  Mid-America Regional Council



Friday, April 23, 2021






Earn up to 3.5 hours of Continuing Professional Education Credits

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9:00 AM 9:50 AM Session 1 - What's New in IRS Products, Services and More (1 CPE)
9:50 AM 10:00 AM Break
10:00 AM 10:50 AM Session 2 - Blockchain, Bitcoin and Digital Currency… Evolution, Revolution, or Tulip Bulb?  (1 CPE)
10:50 AM 11:00 AM Break
11:00 AM 12:15 PM Session 3 - The Power of Relationships in the New Digital Next (1.5 CPE)


What's New in IRS Products, Services and More
 (1 CPE) – Doug Blade, IRS

An IRS Stakeholder Liaison establishes relationships with practitioner and industry organizations representing small business and self-employed taxpayers. They provide information about the policies, practices and procedures the IRS uses to ensure compliance with the tax laws.

At least 10 topics will be covered in this presentation, including:
  • New rules for getting an Identity Protection PIN
  • Protecting data
  • IRS Individual online accounts
  • E-services accounts for tax professionals
  • Electronic payment options
  • The GIG Economy
  • IRS.GOV – Tax Center resources

Learn how the Internal Revenue Service is committed to establishing a more customer-focused structure to better meet the needs of American taxpayers.

Blockchain, Bitcoin and Digital Currency... Evolution, Revolution, or Tulip Bulb? (1 CPE) – John Heiderscheidt, Godoy Law

Mr. Heiderscheidt will discuss the origins of Bitcoin and Blockchain, and how the two concepts are interrelated, but significantly different from one another. He will discuss his experience building a multi-million dollar revenue stream renting power, bandwidth and physical space to cryptocurrency miners across the globe, and what he learned from developing the compliance and legal documents required for that venture. Finally Mr. Heiderscheidt will discuss what he sees as the future for Blockchain, Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) and, most importantly, how governments across the world will continue reacting to this growing phenomenon / asset class, and what the future of regulation might look like.

The Power of Relationships in The New Digital Next (1.5 CPE) – Larry Kaufman, Jefferson Wells

Join us as we welcome Larry Kaufman. He is the Regional Managing Director for Jefferson Wells, a LinkedIn international speaker and trainer and he will share his best-selling book, The NCG Factor: A Formula for Building Life-Changing Relationships from College to Retirement. When Networking, Connecting, and Giving collide you create the NCG Factor, an explosive formula for fast-tracking anybody to authentic, powerful, life-changing personal and business relationships. With practical, real-world examples from successful “NCG Masters,” the NCG Factor is a guidebook for life.
Larry will share how the NCG Factor and LinkedIn can be a formula with impact for finance and accounting professionals attending this event. You will learn how to grow in your role today, promote your company’s brand and your personal brand, expand your internal relationship base at your company and external professional network in “The New Digital Next”. Larry will share how to build life-changing relationships with fellow accounting and finance peers, leadership and other team members and how to re-write your legacy, professionally and personally.

Learning objectives
  • Defining the value and power of The NCG Factor: Networking, Connecting & Giving in your personal and business life as an accounting or finance professional
  • Real-time LIVE interactive LinkedIn demonstration for profile development, expanding your network, thought leadership, succession planning, etc.
  • Building Life-Changing Relationships through your Inner & Outer Circles
  • NCG and Career Advancement
  • How you can become a connector and giver in any role at today internally at your company and externally
  • Rewrite your legacy through NCG and more
  • You will truly understand how to build internal and external relationships as an accounting or finance professional
  • You will understand how to use LinkedIn in your role today that you can execute immediately after the presentation
  • You will realize the power and value of how to build and enhance your network to help you and others at your company and in your personal life
  • You will be better prepared how to network virtually or face-to-face with the insights gained from this presentation


Doug Blade

Doug-Blade-Photo.jpgDoug Blade is a CPA and has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Oklahoma. Since 2010, Doug has been a Senior Stakeholder Liaison where he makes numerous Federal Tax presentations annually in person and by webinar. Doug, as a Stakeholder Liaison, is assigned to cover parts of Illinois, Kansas, and Missouri. He has been employed by the Internal Revenue Service since October 1986 and worked from Dallas, Texas for his first eight years. Since the fall of 1994, he has worked from the Springfield, Illinois office.

During his IRS career, Doug has held several professional positions including:

  • Field Collections Revenue Officer
  • Employment Tax Specialist
  • Revenue Agent auditing Small Business and Self-Employed Income Tax Returns
  • Revenue Agent investigating potential Money Laundering in the Bank Secrecy Act program
  • Revenue Agent, in Large Business and International Tax
  • Senior Stakeholder Liaison

John Heiderscheidt

John Heiderscheidt is an attorney licensed to practice law in federal and state courts in Illinois and Wisconsin. He is also the Chief Compliance Officer of MDI Access, Inc., a company that develops, designs and builds data centers, and the CEO of MDI Mines, a company that mines for cryptocurrency. He first got involved with cryptocurrency investments in 2016, when Colohub - a data center built by MDI Access, Inc. - expanded its power capacity to accommodate an influx of cryptocurrency miners. In the five years since his first exposure to this new and often misunderstood asset class, he has worked with people from dozens of countries who buy, mine, sell, hold, or distribute cryptocurrency. He has watched the advent of "ICOs" and the reckoning that's now following. He follows regulatory developments within the Treasury, IRS, FinCEN, SEC, and other federal agencies as those groups continue crafting regulations. He is married with two young boys, living in Chicago, Illinois.

Larry Kaufman

Larry-Kaufman-Photo.jpgLarry Kaufman is the Author of The NCG Factor – A Formula for Building Life-Changing Relationships from College to Retirement. Larry is a connector, giver, and rainmaker who lives his life to help others succeed. Larry currently is the Regional Managing Director for the Midwest at Jefferson Wells (a ManpowerGroup company). He is a Senior Level Sales & Operations Leader and has been a globally-published speaker and trainer on LinkedIn for more than a decade. Larry has held roles in sales and operational leadership with P&L ownership in Public Accounting, Insurance, Technology, Healthcare and other industries. He outside sales, and worked in other entrepreneurial capacities for the past several decades. He has hired and developed inside and outside sales forces in healthcare, technology, staffing, manufacturing, consulting firms, and the accounting industry. He has also been a powerful force in helping small, mid-market, and larger companies recruit talent to their organizations and has provided hundreds of corporate introductions to companies and business professionals wishing to expand their client base. Larry is an investor and advisor to several local technology companies and sits on the board of Holiday Heroes, a charity that brings joy and a sense of normalcy to hospitalized children. Larry resides in a Chicago suburb with his wife and two children.