President's Message

October 2018

I can’t believe we are in the second quarter of the IMA year! Many of our chapters have had successful and exciting kick off meetings to the year. There are new student chapters and one inactive chapter is making its comeback! It is energizing to hear all of the successes in our Chapters. These events and activities are great for networking and professional growth. It is remarkable how many connections and opportunities at IMA flow to other areas of your life. I was recently on jury duty and one of the other jurors was an accountant. She knew about the CMA but was not a current member of the IMA. She recently lost her job and I was able to connect her with one of our members who assisted her in finding employment. She has since become a member of the IMA! I tell this story to show you what an impact we can have as an organization. It is important now as we are approaching a busy time of year, to use these contacts to begin building a board for the upcoming year. Nominations and elections are to be done in March, which isn’t that far away.

As a Council, we are having a meeting on October 27th from 9-12am in Milwaukee, WI. Please visit our website to register. We would love to have participation from all of the Chapters, whether it is in person or on the phone. There will be planning discussion regarding the Educational Conference on April 26, 2018. The details are not fully set, but we would encourage your feedback.

I hope to encourage all IMA members in our Council to be active participants in their home Chapters and the council level. Please reach out to me or to your Regional Director if you have concerns regarding your local Chapter. The council board exists to provide guidance and assistance to our local chapter boards to help each one to continue to be strong, successful and supportive of their IMA members.
Erin Ankebrant, CMA
Mid-America Council President, 2018-2019