President's Message

Welcome to fall, fellow IMA members. As usual, a busy time and time to get ready for the colder weather. May I say a time for pumpkin spice? Or are we all ready for peppermint twist everything? I am hearing Christmas is going to be bad because items won’t be delivered in time. Presents aren’t the main meaning of Christmas so enjoy family and friends. Maybe have a snowball fight or sing carols and make some great memories.

We are still struggling in IMA with a lot of the issue being this darn covid thing that doesn’t want to go away. Many chapters have been adapting and having some great online sessions.

We are beginning to plan a learning session at the Council level. If you would like to help with planning, suggestions for speakers or in another way, please contact Harlan as he would appreciate any help you could offer.


John Wieland
Co-President of the IMA Mid-America Council