Chapter Grants

Mid-America Council Chapter Grant Information 

I. Chapter Grant Requirements

  1. Grant requests should be for proposed expenditures; not expenditures already incurred.
  2. Grant money should be used for programs which promote certification, membership growth, and student activities.
  3. Chapters must complete an application form that is available on the IMA Mid-America Council website (see below).
  4. Chapters must complete a post-event evaluation (found below) and send along with expenditure documentation.
  5. Grant requests should be emailed to the address shown on the form. We will then coordinate the review by a Board Committee.

II. Other Grant Information

  1. Maximum payout to any one chapter is $500 per Council year.
  2. All grants are matching funds. The Mid-America Council will pay up to 50% (up to the maximum $500) with the chapter committing to the other 50% (which could include fundraisers).
  3. Only one grant request, per chapter, may be approved for payment each Council year.
  4. NEW!!  Chapter grant applications can now be submitted at any point during the year, but must still relate to an upcoming event within the current chapter year.
  5. A maximum of $3,000 of the Council’s fund balance will be awarded during the Council year.
  6. Our goal is to notify chapters of any award determination within 30 days of receiving your Chapter Grant Application.

III. Chapter Grant Forms:

Chapter Grant Application

Chapter Grant Post-Event Evaluation